Sanxingdui Archaeological Site and Museum

Sanxingdui (Chinese三星堆pinyin: Sānxīngduī; literally “three stars mound“) is the name of an archaeological site in China, now believed to be the site of an ancient Chinese city. The previously unknown Bronze Age culture was re-discovered in 1987 when archaeologists excavated remarkable artifacts, that radiocarbon dating dated as being from the 12th-11th centuries BCE. Leaving behind nothing in the historical record, not even in myth, the unknown culture that produced these artifacts is now known as the Sanxingdui Culture. A museum housing the artifacts is located near the city of Guanghan. Wikipedia

Gold masks

I LOVE Metallurgy!

2000 year old gold staff

2000 year old elephant tusk. Probably from India.

Map of the Silk Road. 4000 year old trade route.

2000 year old tiger teeth

Bronze age stone wheel. How do you make a stone wheel that perfect in the bronze age?

~ by Sara on January 29, 2009.

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