A Few of My Favorite Places in Chengdu

Now that I’ve been here a few months, I have fallen into a routine of sorts. These are some of the places I end up at on a regular basis.

The Wanda Shopping Mall. Home of Ito Yokado department store and supermarket. Ito is an overpriced department store but the supermarket has a good assortment of higher end Chinese foods and a few import products. They give out tastes of things, ala Costco, so it’s a great place to sample things you don’t have enough nerve to order on the menu. The mall is also the home of Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, and Dairy Queen. When it warms up, there is a Blizzard with my name on it.

The blue van that seems to be turning left is actually my van parked in the middle of a busy intersection, downtown, waiting to pick me up. I don’t know how to get him not to do that.

Kind of a bonus food picture. Rabbit heads.

Great World Center Mall. This is two blocks from the apt. It is only a few years old, but it is falling apart. Most of the shops are empty. The International Fellowship Church meets on the third floor, the windows to the left of the brown chimney thing.

These are the elevators that can be used to get to the church. We prefer the stairs even though they smell like something disgusting on the second floor landing. Think “big city stairwells”.

A shot down the center of the mall. It is not completely enclosed, the roof doesn’t meet the upper walls. I think this is hastening the deterioration.

Small, indoor football pitch. 

Escalators were installed but never hooked up.

This is my hang-out on the second floor. They serve western style food (sort of). We are going to be working on their enchiladas, bean,  and rice, soon. I teach English to the waitstaff twice a week. We have a lot of fun and I get free coffee.

Elderly gentlemen playing cards or mahjong or another form of tile game, in the park.

Our park. Our apt. is located off camera, across the street to the left. In the background you can see our new large tv screen I have no idea what that is going to be used for. It certainly didn’t show the Superbowl.

A boy washing his bike using the water from the fountain.

The main entrance to our complex. It was built in 2002, you can see how dirty it is becoming because of the polluted air.

A different form of skeeball. I just discovered it today at the Brilliant TianFu Mall.

If you look carefully you can see Santa’s sled in the middle of the Happy New Year signs. We’ve been decorated since November and it will probably, finally, come down next week when Chinese New Year officially ends. Yeah! No more fireworks!!!

~ by Sara on February 4, 2009.

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