Things that seem strange now but will seem normal in a few more months.

You need to blow these  up to read them.

I know why this god is lonely, his chips are terrible.

Bob calls these, party favors. It’s kind of a “mini bar” located in the bathroom of the hotel we stayed in in Dazhou

See the three glass jars on the counter? This is in a restaurant my trainer and I ate at.

This is what is in the jar on the left. Looks like a primate hand to me. I was totally grossed out.

I think this tub would look great in our little log cabin. I wonder if they deliver to New Mexico? This in the local B&Q (British Home Depot).

Spice assortment at Metro. I mainly took this to send to someone preparing to move to Chengdu.

We think this means, don’t climb over the railing.

Wig shopping. I really don’t think the guy next to me is flipping the cameraman off, but it sure looks like it. If you look closely, his ring finger isn’t actually bent. Or, maybe he doesn’t like Americans, go figure.

~ by Sara on February 4, 2009.

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