Progress in the Earthquake Zone

The rail road bridge outside PengZhou, kind of the county seat of Peng Prefecture, Sichuan Province. This is about 25k from the epicenter.

Cranes are everywhere rebuilding.

One of many temporary housing communities. These are the people who used to live closer to the epicenter. Many of the villages will not be rebuilt. The people are being relocated.

A small, do-it-yourself temporary housing community. 

An elderly gentleman with the typical bowed legs. Most of the older generation show signs of malnutrition when they were children.

Logging motorcycle?

The new bridge under construction.

The original bridge. This is the end of the road for all traffic except those who live across the river. The road is one of the main highways north from Chengdu. 
we are still at least 20k from the epicenter.

A 3 meter section of the bridge that was pushed up and over. It’s hard to imagine the force it would take to do that.

I imagine they are leaving the bridge as a reminder of the earthquake on 5/12/08. I am standing in front of the decimal with a woman and her grandson who wanted to take their picture with me. I can always imagine the conversation later, “isn’t that the biggest, ugliest, laowai (foreigner) you’ve ever seen”.


~ by Sara on February 21, 2009.

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