Shanghai – The First Time

The Maglev train. It’s an 8 minute ride from the airport to the closest Metro subway station. Maglev stands for “magnetic levitation”.
The train runs at 300 kph.
The view from the cheapest room at a 5 star hotel.
The room was nice. 
Some of the little boutiques near the hotel. I found grace and sex in the city in the same block.
A beautiful old building with a hideous Ballentine’s ad on the side. At least it’s Scottish whiskey.
The parking lot outside of a high school.
With my inherited shopping radar, I was able to locate the antiques market without aid of a map.
Many of the buildings have bamboo scaffolding around them. There wasn’t any apparent work being done on them.

Nanjing shopping street after dark.

Old Russian Orthodox Church.
A couple of college students I met in the park.
This woman shares my fashion sense. I wonder if the ensemble comes in my size?
I’m not sure what kind of food this is. It looks similar to bread that is available in Chengdu.
The rocket ship is the JW Marriott
Four men up trees trimming branches.
A new block of buildings housing western restaurants, bars and boutiques. At the far end of the block is the building in the next photo.
The birthplace of the Chinese Communist Party.
Saturday afternoon on the shopping street. I have never seen so many people in one place, in my life.

A live, street-side version of “What Not to Wear”.
This jade stature is about 5 feet across. It is in the lobby of the Raddisson Hotel
300 kph headed back to the airport. Lots of fun, but time to return to the more laid-back Chengdu.

~ by Sara on March 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Shanghai – The First Time”

  1. I loved reading this – for a moment, I was transported afar with you.

  2. I loved reading this – for a moment, I was transported afar with you.

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