Saturday Shopping

At a stop light.
Russian Theater. I have no idea what it is used for now. It says “KTV” on the front which means karaoke.
First stop, cell phone street. We needed a couple of new cell phone chargers and I had lost the stylus from my phone. This is a room filled with nothing but cell phones and accessories.

Then on to HeHuaChi, or Lotus Market. This is the wholesale district of Chengdu. It is the main distribution point for most of Sichuan Province. This particular building houses clothing and accessories. If I were a size 2, I’d have it made. They just look at me in horror when I walk in.
Sweet potato and snack salesman. I LOVE roasted sweet potatoes. Bob thinks I’m going to run away with the man that sells them across the street from our apartment. I would if he had more teeth.
Decorations for sale. I didn’t see any St. Pat’s decor.
The street view. It was a quiet day. I’ve never been on Saturday before so I don’t know if it’s always like this. Also, it was the 50th anniversary of China taking over Tibet so the whole city was quieter than usual. They were anticipating problems. (note to censors: I’m not passing judgment…)
After the merchants select their goods, they are packaged and sent curbside. From there they are loaded on to an amazing assortment of vehicles.

~ by Sara on March 15, 2009.

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