It’s hard to photograph redwoods.

Here is a time line concerning the oldest living tree, Giant Sequoia “Grizzly”, presently growing in Great Sequoia National Monument.  

“Grizzly” and other Giant Sequoias are impressive, standing as tall as the Statue of Liberty (305 feet) and having diameters of greater than 35 feet.


Take a look at history through the lives of these 3500 year olds!


1500 years Before Christ          Grizzly sprouted

1323 BC                                    King Tut was entombed

775   BC                                    The modern alphabet developed by the          


221   BC                                   The Great Wall of China started

331   AD                                   The Roman Empire Falls

1595 AD                                   Shakespeare writes “Romeo and


1776 AD                                   The Declaration of Independence is signed

1890 AD                                   SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK established

1969 AD                                   Man lands on the Moon

Prescribed burn in 2008


~ by Sara on May 3, 2009.

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