Bob and Sara do Bangkok

It just wasn’t the same doing Thailand without the Potters. John, in your honor, we didn’t go to a single temple. We did however, think of you every time we saw one.
It was raining when we arrived and I got a new umbrella. I love Boots.
Yes, there is shopping in Bangkok.

The huge orchid arrangement in the lobby of the Royal Orchid Sheraton.
Because Bob was in a training-thingy all day, and I had already filled the empty suitcase I took, it was time for a road trip. I took the bus to the coastal resort of Pattaya. It’s about a 2 hour bus ride.
Pattaya Beach – Pattaya is the perfect place to go if you’re 20-something, like to party all night and lay on the crowded beach all day. Not me.
Shops, bars and restaurants along the beach. The resort is short on charm.

I hired a motorcycle to give me a tour of the city. I gotta get me one of those.
This is the only hotel I saw that looked interesting. I like the fake deer in front.

Check one more Hard Rock off my Hard Rock world tour. I didn’t eat at the cafe, but I bought a t-shirt so it counts.
The pool at the Hard Rock Hotel. I could get into this for a couple of days.

This is me, frolicking in the ocean. The water was kind of yuckie, especially by Thai standards.
They must have had a big storm fairly recently.
This Buddhist shrine is located in front of one of Bangkok’s many mega-malls. The picture below is also in front of the same mall. Four gods in one place! (I guess technically, Buddha isn’t a god.) You’ve got, Buddha, beer, football, and shopping.
A miniature Coliseum made of Heineken cans. It was something to do with football (soccer).
Do you think they asked him if he wanted to wear sneakers?

Looks like a do-it-yourself salsa bar to me!
We took a tour from Bangkok. This one advertised, an oxcart ride, tour of Khao Yai National Park, and an elephant ride. Sounded like fun to me.

Haew Narok Falls

Gibbons at Khoa Yai.
The Bangkok Skytrain. It is a great addition, it is now so much easier to get around Bangkok.

The sign directing people to Mo Chit. Yes, I am 12 years old, giggle.


~ by Sara on May 20, 2009.

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